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Sorry I Haven’t Been On In A While, But There Is That New ClubPenguin Party Coming Up,…Well It’s Not Really A Party, But That Easter Egg Hunt Is Close. I can Hardly Wait! I Also Wrote A Book And Sent It In To ClubPenguin, Read It Here.

Mining For Gold

It all started on Tuesday, at 12:11 pm PST. Gramers was in the mine when, all of a sudden, he felt a rumble, followed by two more. “What’s going on?” asked Cupcake, Gramer’s apprentice miner. “I think it’s caving in!” “I’ll call the HQ for some agents to help us out,” explained Gramers. “HQ……the…H…HQ!” “We’ve lost signal!” “Oh no!” screamed Cupcake. It stopped suddenly. “Phew” “Phew” followed Cupcake. “How are we going to get out?” asked cupcake curiously, “I’m not sure?” answered Gramers. Suddenly a bright light lit up the whole cave. “What’s that?” asked Cupcake, “It’s…It’s…IT’S GOLD!” Screamed Gramers. “We’ve found the great gold said to have been hidden in this mine!” “Follow me!” They ran toward the gold, Cupcake was running slowly. “PICK UP THE PACE!” screamed Gramers. Cupcake ran as fast as she could, then, it happened. “OUCH!” Cupcake had fallen and scratched her flipper. Gramers had a choice, help Cupcake, or get the gold. He knew exactly what to do. He helped out Cupcake. The wall caved in over the gold and a Ghost penguin appeared. “You made the right choice Gramers, now, I will give both you and Cupcake a piece of gold. “WOW, thanks!” said Cupcake. “Thanks a lot!” said Gramers. “What are you going to do with yours Gramers?” “I think I’ll buy a puffle,” answered Gramers. “I’m going to treat us with a trip to the pizza parlor and a boat ride at the dock” said Cupcake. “Thanks a lot said Gramers”. But something was wrong with their plan. “How will we get out?” asked Cupcake. “I’m…not sure really?” said Gramers sadly. “Is anyone down there?” asked a strange voice. Then, the whole wall caved in to show a secret agent, G., and Aunt Artic. “Thank you so much!” said both Gramers and Cupcake. “No problem” said the agent “Now lets get out of here”. In conclusion, Gramers and Cupcake went to the pizza parlor and for a boat ride, Gramers named his puffle after Cupcake, G. thought of a new mining invention, and Aunt Artic reported the story “Penguins trapped in cave in”.





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I was Wrong

NOOOO! I WAS WRONG!!!! It wasn’t the face mask…it was a saint patricks day hat!!!!


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Penguin Party!!!

There’s a Saint Patricks Day party coming up on ClubPenguin!!!

It’s pretty obvious that the object coming out for the party is the face mask…..

I can tell because it says GO GREEN at the end of both the advertisements and

w/ the face masks you hold up a sign that says GO (whatever color mask it is)

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Just Opened!

Heyy! CPpenguin95 here! Just started this wordpress thing and checkin it out. TTYL!



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